Blown glass is pure color and form, sensuous and graceful, the solid memory of a liquid birth. It is infinitely variable, changing with every nuance of light. It is my passion.

My recent work explores the interplay of pattern and color with light and contour in large blown vessels. To create one, I pre-shape it at the bench, then heat the whole mass in the glory hole. When the mass begins to move freely, I quickly remove it and go up on an elevated platform where I swing it like giant pendulum, using gravity to pull the form out, blowing, heating, and cooling different area simultaneously. After two minutes of intense concentration, hundreds of small decisions and reactions, and constant motion, the vessel is formed.

Working with glass demands skill, patience, diligence, and openness. The reward is achieveing a harmony between vision and execution. On a good day, that confluence can be so powerful it's like a brief glimpse of the divine, and it's those moment that drive and sustain me.